Twenty-Seconds reviews. Amazon 5 StarReviews

Twenty-Seconds Review

by  Ann Frances Ellis PHD

Author/Owner Trail of Hope Publishing

“I read your manuscript today. All I can say is Wow! You have so much knowledge and understanding of things now! People like you coming back from NDEs have the power to change the world for the better. Help us to see things that our “dominant culture” just didn’t want to see. I know how terrifying it is to put oneself out there and let the world know who you really are.  Your book contains so much LOVE and such a high vibration, which the Earth needs at this time. You are right that people still have free will, but telling these truths will help those who are ready. I ask God to protect you and hold you in the highest LOVE and Light throughout this process of exposing yourself for the good of the world. You are very courageous. May you live long and prosper! Blessings to Carol, too. Sending you both LOVE and Light.”

Ann Frances Ellis

Trail of Hope Publishing

Tulsa OK

Lisa Johnson Hinesburg Vt

I think I need to start with thank you.  I tried reading initially with an eye toward editing and I quickly abandoned that.  I wanted to read the story first.  I’m in awe.

I have always believed that certain professions – law enforcement, military – particularly medics – were very noble professions requiring a level of selflessness and bravery.  Jobs best performed by someone who would risk themselves for the benefit of others.  The courage it takes to perform those jobs pales in comparison to the courage it took to not only survive this journey but to open up and share it with others.  Thank you for not focusing on the negative, which would have been incredibly easy and completely understandable, but instead trying to create something positive.  

I had no idea what you were going through, I can’t even imagine what it must be like.  A very dear friend used to say during his own health battle that he didn’t want to “waste his cancer”.  He wanted people to learn from his journey, to see the beauty in the small things and appreciate the love of those around him.  I don’t think I really understood his message until reading your story.  

Thank you, again

Amber Ouellet Sullivan Me

I finished it was amazing you have had a turbulent life and life changing NDE and after effects that is for sure. I love how you credit it to love because it makes so much sense. It was very inspiring for me and life changing I look at everything differently because of you. It gave me more direction and much of the book I related to.  I would shake my head in unison as if someone were here to see me nod my head. It is very relatable which I think people will gravitate to and I love that you did not hold back on anything and I think others will love and respect that too. it was GREAT.

Bridgett Stone Underhill Vt

I was captivated, and it flowed beautifully. So proud of your bravery and courage ALL along your life’s journey.

I became so captivated by the story that my inner editor retreated and I just found myself there with you.  (I have pretty strong inner editor, in every sense.)  You should take it as a compliment that I found this “presence” rather than “thinking” and being “critical” (in a loving, constructive way, of course).  It is a beautiful story, you are a beautiful soul and an inspiration and source of hope & courage for so many.  I hope you feel proud of your courage in putting yourself out there for the world and making a difference!  You’re a true hero, Bob.  Im so freakin glad we’ve re-connected to this extent and feel deeply that there is more… more lessons and gifts to be learned and shared.  You are in my prayers, Brother.  Stay strong and keep shining the Love!

Alice V. Tennis Hau’ula Ha.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to share my admiration and respect for Robert M. Tremblay’s thought provoking account of his “Twenty Second” visit to Heaven’s perfected consciousness.  Robert was sent back to us with a divine mission to share with mankind, vital information that will benefit all of humanity.  A message of love and hope needed now so very desperately.

Gini Collins-Athens Ga.

I I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this read,

Your story, your experience, and all the words

in between… I could not put it down. It resonates in my very soul. It ignites hope, challenges people to open up and think! I took notes here as I read lol. I have experienced many similar things with my son, the loss of everything, and everyone… The bathroom scene… cry emoticon The experience itself moved me to tears, I had to stop a bit and just absorb it heart emoticon In my nde, the face of God was the same, but I have NEVER told anyone! All my life since, I stop and admire the aged faces… I don’t know who he was. The colors without names! As an artist and gemologist, I know exactly and felt exactly the same, I remember being shown a spectrum that was infinite, not like out tiny spectrum here. The colors had a sound and a taste and a personality it seemed…

Our sensitivities are the same, but In our suffering I’m still dealing with hurt and some anger. One of my clarities was I came away being able to see how others could heal their physical bodies, spiritual bodies and how I could help nutritionally and spiritually, but my son is stubborn and though he KNOWS this is true, he doesn’t see death as such a bad thing just the suffering getting there cry emoticon He won’t let me help like I want to! Where my frustration and anger comes in. I want to save him heart emoticon

My one word also is mercy and I ask it every day, mercy for my son, mercy for my exhaustion in this for 4 years now, I so so get it…

I love this more than I have words to say it, it is so heart wrenching, and endearing, NOT just because I know you but because it lets me in to your deepest parts of LIFE!! I just have NO words at the moment, Im sitting here in tears. The unfolding of the leaves, seeing the beauty in this life, waiting to die, lying on your grave talking… omg…

I study and read until I just fall over asleep a lot, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, Energy, forgiveness, judgmental-ism, Molecular biology, Biocentrism, religion, Epigenetics totally seems right to me. We are SO in tune! Forgiveness, thankfulness, gratitude, the power of love… all of it I too lose time hours of it! I get shocked everything I touch especially in stores smile emoticon

The empath part… has been extremely difficult, I have run off so many people by feeling what they exude, I feel it to the core of me unsure emoticon You explained EVERYTHING so perfectly!! Where I am at this moment, letting go of control, and flowing into the moment, after being homeless, and finally having a roof and food, its so hard not to grasp and claw to hang on… I want to flow! Thank you so much for every word! Its absolute perfection to me!

I was so honored to read this, I cannot thank you enough.

Becky Earle Swanton Vt

I think it is fantastic! There are things I never knew about you and your dad. I love it! I have a very hard time to stop reading when I have to stop to do my work around the house!

Bob I love your book it is sooooo good! Love you!

You went through hell and you are still standing!

It took great courage and strength to write about all he has been through. His sister Kate was truly amazing and supportive throughout his journey. Great read!9781504336444_COVER.indd


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