Twenty-Seconds: Sixth Sense and Common Sense

Some have asked me what new “gifts” or abilities I have experienced in my awakening since my NDE.  I list them for you now but I assure you…Perception rules for me and it’s an everyday process to control and understand them all. Are they really gifts?  Just try to imagine a change like this in your life.  The hardest for me is being an empath.  Imagine knowing everyone’s baggage and energy.  Kind of funny for a guy who tries not to judge anymore to be given a “gift/curse” that defines peoples’ energy and even thought. Touching I have learned may be something to re-consider for me. It sends a surge of information through me about the person I do not ask for or want.  You can’t hide it, don’t bother trying.  Eye contact activates it as well, but not as much as touch.  In seconds my mind fills with the history of the person. Things I have no business or desire knowing.  I have come to realize that it’s free will to engage them, but it did take time to learn to shut it all off. Still working on it.  But try and hide it and it gets louder.  Your conscious energy is dying to get out.   It took six months in a house on a lake in solitude to try and accommodate these “gifts” into my everyday life.  It still is everyday a chore. People hiding bad things envelope my mind on occasion.  The more evil, the worse it gets.  I remind you it’s NOT exactly anything I asked for. I don’t want to know your problems, but I do if am not careful.  That’s a burden through and through.  You wonder why I try to affect change in others.  It may just be about my own sanity and health.  LOL.. I experience nearly every one of these things listed below and probably more.  It’s not exactly easy somedays.  But I am lucky to be here, so I accept them as my toll for passage. Some I find easier to ignore and have stopped trying to develop others.  It is a choice.  But some are not easy to control.

 One revolution has been after-death communication with the very loved ones I experienced during my NDE and many others.  Something I didn’t think possible and many others don’t either  That’s OK.  You don’t have to believe but like many things in life and death, a closed mind allows in no light.  I can tell you that it makes the idea of death a bit easier I find.  Energy doesn’t die, but it does indeed go somewhere else.  And I am telling you it’s all around you.  EVERYDAY.   Your loved ones watch everything you do everyday.  They are there at a moment’s notice.  Manifested energy of their soul is flipped on by your very loving energy.  It isn’t flipped on by your grief and tears.  That energy doesn’t respond to that type of energy.  Energy, we have been told, mirrors other energy.  But grieve if you must, I understand. But I assure you it isn’t what the loved ones want or need to help you.  If you have seen what it’s like in the afterlife, you would celebrate the passing, not grieve.  But grief is our way of dealing with the fact that we will never see them again, we have been taught.  There is more to this world than seeing, I guarantee that. It’s so simple really.   The energy I refer to is the soul.  Energy doesn’t die, but cells do.  The beauty behind death for the passed is that they are no longer restricted with a mortal human body.  This beauty is yours too. They become everywhere and everything, they see and feel you.  They can impact more of your daily life than they could in their human body. But it’s up to you to put out the right energy to access them.  It’s up to you what impression you wanna give them.  It takes time to understand that things we’ve been told in either the dogma of religion or the skeptic science organization that believes only what they feel with the five known senses.  There is more to the energy spectrum than what these senses show us.  I know you know this.  It doesn’t make you weird to accept it.  It makes you beautiful.  Your vibration will increase.

When I was first contacted, there were instructions on helping repair my family splintering in certain members of our family tree.  I did try, but to no avail.  Severed dwindling limbs of my family tree were the very root lesson of my experience.   The very love and commitment some of my family showed  me to help me survive was the living proof of how it is meant to be.  But even miracles like my survival are sometimes ignored.

Most of my family will believe it’s all about one person in my family’s choice – Jean. I assure you it isn’t.  Blame won’t help us here.  Oddly it has little to do with the fault of Jean, but many family members think it’s all her.  My lesson was directly regarding forgiveness.  Not just Jean’s.  But our own individually and then collectively. We can’t make that happen by blame.  But we can make it happen in each of us and sending the healing energy to her may change the stream.  But most haven’t realized maybe that forgiveness starts today.  Not yesterday.  You can’t change the past by forgiving, but you sure can change the future.  My father’s and grandfather’s message is clear on this issue. Those dearly departed in my family are trying to tell you something.  I am sorry it is through me, but I assure you the message will find its way, in this life or the next.  Those quickest to assign blame are missing the point of examining themselves or this issue.  They too are the ones who are denied the beautiful things I was told to share.  It’s not up to me to change others, but it is critical to share my story.  What they do with it is up to them.

I am cautious how much I share about these communications.  Lots of skeptics.  But I do pay attention to them..The family reunion that my father and grandfather helped guide me to was a complete failure.  Or was it?  The end result was defined by closed minds before they even got there.   Not only did it not make a difference for any it seems, but I was, in fact, shut down completely in even discussing it.  No one wanted me to speak.  Or I should say some didn’t.  They made it apparent before I even tried. You simply can’t hide your energy from me.  But I did try regardless.  The ones with the most to learn were the culprits actually.  Imagine that!  I believe my teachers are everyone in my path.  Sad others don’t think the same.  What lessons they all miss.  But that is free will I suppose.  I wasn’t prepared to share my direct continued communications but I was prepared to share my lessons from them.  There were specific points to a few.  Those few were the biggest opponents of hearing me out.  Funny really.  Ironic.  Some of the communications were beautiful and important.  They missed out on some tender lessons that could have changed the way they see the world.  Some are still grieving the loss of a loved one.  Carrying it like a blanket or maybe a chain.  It is with these people the messages are strongest.   Hard to make an impact to those who won’t listen.  You would think family that loves you would be the first to come with an open mind.  But not so much sometimes.

These are difficult topics I realize, but I still try.  I understand others have a choice.  But imagine how difficult it has been for me.  I didn’t ask for any of it.  I do know one thing – it’s important to share my story and I will, one way or another.  Affecting change I leave up to those delivering messages to me from here.  That’s not my circus…not my monkeys.  I tried and I believe that was enough.  I think they have released me of my mission directly.  The lesson will find its way where it is supposed to., at exactly the time and manner intended.  Following the reunion, a good number of my “gifts” were extinguished.  It’s tough to be an empath, I guess.  Most are returning slowly.  But my vibration changed that day.  Like water being thrown on a flame…literally.

Imagine the impact we have on others?  Most don’t even realize.  Through love I will re-connect to the source of it all and be thankful for everyday.  When I was sick, I started one day just thanking God everyday for just “one more day”.  It may have just been enough.  It may just be enough.  I will write my book and I will spare no truth in it.  My story will be told.  People may not like what I have to say perhaps, but I will speak the truth.  We reap what we sow in life and it has been a lesson I have paid for myself in my life.  We all have. One thing rings true and clear on this issue – don’t like what you’re reaping?  Sow something different.  Fix it.  Open your mind and pay attention to the signs along the way at a minimum. It’s important to make your own decisions on things.  But for the love of God, Listen.  Hard to do things the same way and wonder why you get the same results.

Blame will not help my family, but forgiveness will.  This was really the only message.  But it was shot down.  Too tough to look that deep into our own souls perhaps.  I’m sorry I have to look into them at all.  I’m not exactly happy about it, I assure you.  It is a shame most missed it.  Those who didn’t I hope are better for it.  My messages were not only from beyond, but were laced with love and tenderness with only the best intentions imagined.  I did try. Imagine the courage it took to try.  It’s not exactly easy admitting these things to people.  Be careful reading about my “gifts”.  Don’t catch yourself saying “that’s awesome or cool”.  Be careful what you wish for as well – it may not be a gift at all.  You take a few shots from others for believing things not in the everyday stream of knowledge or against the dogma of the world.  Being an empath, you get many, many more.  The very sharpened edge of venerability to stand before people and admit these “gifts”.  I have learned in life it is better to take an interest in things and not a position.  Positions require defending…defending is ego.  Best to keep your mind open and realize everyone can and will teach you in life.

I hope this answers some questions I am continually asked about. People may think them a benefit but I am telling you this.  They are abilities, not “gifts”.  It’s perception from there.  Mine and yours.  But respect what it takes to talk about them and then make up your own mind.  Like I said, I didn’t ask for them but there they are…everyday.  I don’t believe you have to have an NDE to experience these abilities.  But be careful what you wish for again.  Remember not everyone is open-minded. Not even the ones you think should be or need to be the most.  But love them anyway.  I forgive my family for the reunion mess.  I hope they forgive me as well.  My intentions were framed with love and from messages I simply couldn’t ignore.  I will no longer deliver messages to people who don’t want them.  But they still arrive every single day.  Nothing I can do about that but thank them and effect change for myself.  We do mirror.  We can only hope that’s enough.  But I will share my story. I am not responsible for the change of others.  But I will tell the story one way or the other.

It’s often said that you meet the answer to your problem on the very road you chose to avoid it. I am certain of this fact.  I hope any of my words prompt thought only.  I don’t try and force feed you my way as the only way.  I have a great respect for the fact that ideas you come up with on your own are the most impactual.  I assure you the answers are already inside of you if you just pay attention to your intuition when you learn something new.  But a closed mind allows no room for growth.  Ever!!!! We learn nothing believing what we did yesterday.  Forgive them all…save them all.  See beauty everywhere!!!! And the universe will reward you.  But I assure you of one thing – finding beauty in everything starts with finding it in yourself first.  Without question.  I wish you all love and peace today and everyday.

Here is a list and brief description of each ability I have been “blessed” with.  Understand I stand in the arena of doubt to share this so please respect what I have to say and the courage needed to admit it.  Decide for yourself the level of your belief.  That’s not my circus.  Many have asked about it but it took time to muster the courage to share it.  I remind myself that I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you understand or believe of what I say.  More examples of most will be in my book and they are irrefutable. Some I just won’t share…they are all mine !!!


It’s the art of ‘seeing’ with senses beyond the five we normally use. Clairvoyance is often called the ‘sixth sense’ or E.S.P It is related to the images that are always present in your mind but you do not connect to. You will experience images, colors, and often animated scenes. This is the ability that most readers, psychics, clarirvoyants, possess. Clairvoyance is like a second level of thought, one step higher than the normal level of thinking that we all do, Clairvoyants can work at that level to *see* beyond what we normally *see*. 


It’s the ability to *hear* beyond the normal range of hearing like messages in thought forms from an spirit who exists in another realm. You ‘hear’ what they are saying in thought form messages or in normal human hearing You may actually hear spirits talking in your head yet there is no sounds. Many of us receive messages this way from spirit guides. When a person loses a loved one they often receive messages from them. Many of us become aware of this skill when we are in danger and that ‘little inner voice’ sends a warning. This causes us to respond instantly though we are not sure why. Clairaudience can be known as the * voices in the head* 


Clairsentience is the ability to *feel* things that *something’s there but I can’t see it* ability. A lot of people have this ability but do not know that they possess it A tickling sensation on the hand or face during meditation. A pressure on the top of the head when talking or connecting with a Spirit. Hairs on the back of the neck standing on end when a spirit is near. A sensation in the left side of the face when talking with spirit. A floral smell… A movement as a flick of white, purple, or blue light. Seeing shadows in the periphery of your field of vision 


Awareness of an spirit on the other side by the sense of taste. A sense experienced in the mouth. It could by a favorite food associated with a deceased entity, or in many instances the way a deceased person prepared the food to taste 


Empathy is the ability to *Feel* emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy level and can be read as images or feelings, an empathic person can find they are able to sense things with a person that others can not sense Empathic can also be called *sensitives*, and sometimes can actually *read* people 


Moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. The re-shaping of objects using the mind’s energies, such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing. The energy to move or bend an object is created by a person’s thoughts created by their subconscious mind. Your energy levels must be very high. 


It involves mind to mind contact – communication – of one mind with another by means beyond the normal or ordinary beyond the frequencies of the five physical senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Telepathy is sending of thoughts from one person to another without using the usual sensory channels of communication, a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). 


Precognition is supernormal knowledge of future events, with emphasis not upon mentally causing events to occur but upon predicting those the occurrence of which the subject claims has already been determined. Like telepathy and clairvoyance, precognition is said to operate beyond the range of the normal senses and thus to be a form of extrasensory perception. 


This generally refers to the ability to gain impressions by holding an object. All objects carry frequencies. Therefore all objects will bring you images and mental thought forms, a person using this ability can sense illness, disease, pain and images of things that are connected to the item without knowing anything about it or the person/s involved with it.

One Gift – or perhaps curse – perception is everything in direct relationship to all things that use energy. Equipment and electronics of any kind are difficult for me to be near.  If it is powered by energy, it reacts to me.  I am not alone in this.  Most experiencers relate to what I am saying here.  Wrist watches, computers, tv’s, cameras etc.  If it uses energy I can blow it up or at least disturb its normal operation.  It becomes a bit exhausting honestly. It isn’t occasionally, it’s constant and requires respect to manage it.  Especially for my loved ones.  Carol has gotten used to it and reminds me often to stay clear when she is working on something involving power of any kind.  We have discovered if I stay at least 12-16 feet away, the interference diminishes enough to continue.  Much depends on my vibration or balance at the time of usage.  I have not found a way as of yet to limit the cause and effect.  But it is getting expensive. lol

july 24 15 030

The best gift is in the things I am allowed to see nearly everyday.  I am privy to rare moments in nature that most think is luck.  But I assure you it is like everything in life, we get what we give.  If we give energy that’s beautiful and if we vibrate differently, we are allowed more access.  I am thankful for this every day.   Rare moments in nature typically not seen by most.  Animals that react and are drawn to me.  Animals can teach us a lot about people.  Their lack of verbal communication makes them energy viewers.  They don’t smell fear or danger, they sense it better than we read.  They sense the beauty and peace in others too, I assure you.  It is indeed a gift to witness things like this that are rare and special.  I feel privileged.  My payback is to thank the universe and more is revealed.  There are many other examples of things like this in my book upcoming.  The things we are allowed to see if we vibrate differently may just be endless.  I remind you all that the typical human feels and senses only 10% of the “known” electromagnetic spectrum.  We miss more than we see or feel, it’s a fact.  That’s 90% we miss.  That’s 90% of what we even know about.  But to see a portion of this 90% we have to believe.  When we believe we achieve.  I don’t see 100% I assure you, I am working on that, but I am happy for what little bit more I am allowed.  It is possible, but like everything we talk about, unable to prove, but I believe I see more stars than I used to.  Perception is everything.  Not long ago I posted a picture of a rock I found that intrigued me.  It haunted me for days on end.  Most said “it’s just a rock”.  It was this point that made me realize that I see beauty in everything.  The rock didn’t haunt me – others’ perceptions did. I realized perhaps defining things and categorizing things may be the reason I see differently.  Categorizing it stops the flow of brainwave to see the beauty in it. You just stop appreciating it because you defined it.  It doesn’t need a name or title.  It’s not just a rock.  When it became just a rock, it stopped sharing its energy.  It is great to not need to label things.  I hope this gift never changes.  It’s a great way to live.


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