The Whole Story

The whole truth about my story hasn’t even been told yet. I’ve told only a tenth of the miracle. I thought it might make the impact of the book more powerful. The whole truth will shock people to the very core. I’m nervous and scared about it In all honesty. It’s not easy stepping out on a limb of vulnerability that I’m about to. I assure you that you will soon understand. But I believe the message is important enough to find the courage to do so. It will take a collective of support from my friends to stand in this light of humility in more ways than the one dollar I ask for. In the end this isn’t about me it’s for others.

It’s been an enlightening experiment in humanity this crowd-funding campaign. I have been bothered by it in so many ways. I hate marketing now. I tried to make it easy by making it just about a dollar. One dollar. I tried making it easy by informing of the twenty seconds it takes to donate that dollar. Or the twenty seconds to share a post to help the outreach. I’ve explained that my book will launch a foundation called “give a buck” to help others in dire medical need showing intent and compassion like what saved me. All the while I felt guilty doing it. It has caused terrible energy within me and affected the outcome I’m sure, as well as my health and sleep patterns. My entire journey has unfolded before me at exactly the manner and time intended. I must remind myself of this now more than ever. I was told in my nde that there was something important I was supposed to do. It haunts me everyday. But my book isn’t just an nde book. It’s a story about love and its limitless potential in our lives. I have survived the near impossible and I think the story needs telling. The whole story. I won’t give up on the idea that in the end, I just want to make a difference. Everyday I put out positives and smile at the world. I cannot let this change that. I believe in the inherit goodness of all people and I’m grateful for all those who have donated their time and funds to my intent of helping others. But mostly I’m grateful for just another day. I won’t waste a minute of it. I trust that all of it happens if and when it’s supposed to. At exactly the time and manner to best teach me. So far it’s been a learning experience to say the least. I apologize for the onslaught of posts and marketing. There’s 21 days left then I’ll be back to just enlightening your days with positive posts. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Love and peace to you all.


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