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Placebo’s evil Twin

NOCEBO,  the evil step brother of PLACEBO…What you NEED to know !!!

I haven’t shared many samples of our book…I wasn’t even it sure it was allowed. But wth

I hope this helps you understand your MAGNIFICENCE

and the responsibility that goes with it.

There are other writings on the Blog (http://roberttrombley.blogspot.com/2015/07/placebo-amazing-power-of-consciousness.html) about the Placebo but like the world there hasn’t been a lot said about the NOCEBO…I think its time we understand the power of fear…down to a cellular level.

As written in the bookTwenty-Seconds

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“PLACEBO/NOCEBO I have been consistent in one thought and intention in this book. It repeats over and over again and it is important to reiterate it. I am not here to make you believe anything. I am trying to spark your intuition. I always say it’s better to take an interest and not a position in life. It’s just too damn hard evolving when we’re defending a position. I always remember one thing to be true in life – “opinions are NOT like assholes, in that they should be examined everyday”. It’s important in basic learning that new ideas and new experiences are critical to evolving as a person. One thing is clear about the brain to me. Attach a new experience with great emotion and it is remembered forever. Not unlike why we remember 911 or moments of history where we were effected by great emotion. You can begin to see why I share my long arduous ordeal in great humility. I recognize that healthy skeptics are important to the world, but there are two types. The first is an open minded skeptic that questions things and is at least open to ideas that trigger a response in their gut. These people are the most valuable of all humanity. Then theres the closed minded skeptic. So ingrained with their status quo that they miss the signs placed before them everyday. An exercise in free will until you mandate something. Difficult to expand a closed mind if near impossible. We should in all honesty be skeptical of our skepticism. At a minimum my friend would say…”at least make an educated choice”. If I can make someone stop and think about the many messages my experience taught me then it was all worth it. I am fond of the quote by Ed Sabon and I quote…”tell me a fact and I may learn, tell me a truth and I may believe, but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever”. So I tell my story whenever I can. What you do with it is up to you. I am careful about trying to convince you of anything, but in this chapter I will take both and interest and a position. Because it’s that important. Again, what you do with it as always is up to you. Remember this – if you think it will make a difference or not, you will always be right. If you can’t take any lesson from my miracle survival and countless examples of suffering that surely create emotion, then this chapter will never make an impact with you. It is clear to me that self love is an important tool in our life. Not just because its positive effect on your existence, but it is also a shield against the haters and skeptics that will nocebo you to a point of crisis. It’s best to understand the responsibility we have in the energy we put forth in this world. Like our lives depend on it. Because they do. I have never been more certain of any one of my epiphanies after my mystical and powerful experience than one I bleed into this chapter. Each time I had an epiphany the universe responded by placing someone more qualified to speak about it than I was, reaffirming for me that not only were my epiphanies correct, but they were for a purpose. I believe wholeheartedly that I survived to show the example of this very miracle. I am often asked if my NDE was the cause of my remarkable healing without an immune system? Was it God? Everyone has an opinion and I respect them all. But in this chapter I will tell you exactly what saved me time and time again and it’s irrefutable to me and others. There are two terms you will need to be familiar with to better understand this chapter. One you have heard of but the other possibly not. I quote below the exact text of wikipedia as to the origins and meaning. Not because wikipedia is the end all of information but because it’s detailed and informative, simply put. The real meaning as always is what you make of it, but we will do it based on some education at a minimum. Placebo in history is the account of the changing understanding of the phenomena of the placebo effect and term “placebo”. The word was first used in a medicinal context in the late 18th century to describe a “commonplace method or medicine” and in 1811 it was defined as “any medicine adapted more to please than to benefit the patient”. Although this definition contained a derogatory implication[1] it did not necessarily imply that the remedy had no effect. I suspect there is great synchronicity to the divine in the origin of the term. The word placebo itself originated from the Latin for I shall please. It is in Latin text in the Bible (Psalm 116:9, Vulgate Version by Jerome, “Placebo Domino in regione vivorum”, “I shall please the Lord in the land of the living”). Jerome translated as “I shall please” (placebo), the Hebrew word “ethalech”, “I shall walk with” as in “I shall be in step with In modern times the first to define and discuss the “placebo effect” was T.C Graves, in a published paper in The Lancet in 1920 . He spoke of “the placebo effects of drugs” being manifested in those cases where “a real psychotherapeutic effect appears to have been produced” At the Royal London Hospital in 1933, William Evans and Clifford Hoyle experimented with 90 subjects and published studies which compared the outcomes from the administration of an active drug and a dummy simulator (“placebo”) in the same trial. The experiment displayed no significant difference between drug treatment and placebo treatment, leading the researchers to conclude that the drug exerted no specific effects in relation to the conditions being treated. A similar experiment was carried out by Harry Gold, Nathaniel Kwit and Harold Otto in 1937, with the use of 700 subjects. In 1946, the Yale biostatistician and physiologist E. Morton Jellinek described the “placebo reaction” or “response”. He probably used the terms “placebo response” and “placebo reaction” as interchangeable. Henry K. Beecher’s 1955 paper The Powerful Placebo was the first to use the term “placebo effect”, which he contrasts with drug effects. In 1961, Beecher found [17] that patients of ‘enthusiastic’ surgeons experienced greater levels of chest pain relief than those receiving treatment from skeptic surgeons. In 1961, Walter Kennedy introduced the word nocebo to refer to a neutral substance that creates harmful effects in a patient who takes it. This not new information in our time. Nearly everywhere you look you hear the term. If you don’t, you will now I assure you. But have you ever heard of the term Nocebo? Source wikipedia NOCEBO In medicine, a nocebo (Latin for “I shall harm”) is an inert substance that creates harmful effects in a patient. The nocebo effect is the adverse reaction experienced by a patient who receives a nocebo. Conversely, a placebo is an inert substance that creates either a beneficial response or no response in a patient. The phenomenon by which a placebo creates a beneficial response is called the placebo effect. In contrast to the placebo effect, the nocebo effect is relatively obscure. The term nocebo (Latin nocēbō, “I shall harm”, from noceō, “I harm”) ] was coined by Walter Kennedy in 1961 to denote the counterpart of one of the more recent applications of the term placebo. It has been shown that, due to the nocebo effect, warning patients about side effects of drugs can contribute to the causation of such effects, whether the drug is real or not. This effect has been observed in clinical trials: according to a 2013 review. Wikipedia The same mind-body power that can heal you can also harm you. When patients in double-blinded clinical trials are warned about the side effects they may experience if they’re given the real drug, approximately 25% experience sometimes severe side effects, even when they’re only taking sugar pills. Those treated with nothing more than placebos often report fatigue, vomiting, muscle weakness, colds, ringing in the ears, taste disturbances, memory disturbances, and other symptoms that shouldn’t result from a sugar pill. Interestingly, these nocebo complaints aren’t random; they tend to arise in response to the side effect warnings on the actual drug or treatment. The mere suggestion that a patient may experience negative symptoms in response to a medication (or a sugar pill) may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. source wikipedia For example, if you tell a patient treated with a placebo he might experience nausea, he’s likely to feel nauseous. If you suggest that he might get a headache, he may. Patients given nothing but saline who thought it was chemotherapy actually threw up and lost their hair! Amazing when you consider government guidelines that mandate the side effects of each medication be published carefully exposing you to the dangers. Makes me wonder if that’s an accident. Who exactly are the biggest contributors to any political campaign? The pharmaceutical industry. It’s the largest lobby in the world and it is reported as the second most profitable business in the world behind Oil. Triggering side effects? You need more medicine to mask that symptom created by the first medicine and so on and so on and so on. During my life-saving treatment my medication list grew to nearly five pages. Each medicine prescribed to cover up one symptom caused by another drug. What’s worse is I knew it intuitively that this wasn’t the way to go. After ten months I gave up treatment and stopped all medicines. In two months I was cured of everything…except the HIV. It’s humbling to know that the two medicines I take keep me alive and suppress the virus from possible spreading. Three months without these antivirals and I am dead. Or so I think. For now that works for me. I get the facet we are talking about here, but I still am not strong enough sometimes to shed 40 plus years of dogma served up by a society that believes medicine is the key to every cure. I beg to differ and my experience is definitive proof of it. What is clearly evident to me is this – if you think it can heal you or harm you….YOU’RE RIGHT. But there’s more to consider. Dr. Lissa Rankin is a pioneer in the field of Placebo and Nocebo study and to my knowledge is one of the first MD’s to stand up and talk about it. I have great respect for someone who stands up to do the right moral thing. I encourage you to watch her videos on youtube. They will quite simply change the way you think. She says “Every time your doctor tells you you have an “incurable” illness or that you’ll be on medication for the rest of your life or that you have a 5% five year survival, they’re essentially cursing you with a form of “medical hexing.” They don’t mean to. They’re not trying to harm you. They know not what they do… Doctors think they’re telling it to you straight, that you deserve to know, that you should be realistic and make arrangements, if necessary. But when they say such things, they instill in your conscious and subconscious mind a belief that you won’t get well, and as long as the mind holds this negative belief, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you’ll never recover, you won’t. After reading through the 3500+ case studies documented in the medical literature in the Spontaneous Remission Project(link is external), which was compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences(link is external), I now believe there’s no such thing as an incurable illness. If you or someone you love is suffering from a “chronic,” “incurable,” or “terminal” illness and you want to optimize the chance for spontaneous remission, you have to start by cleansing your mind of any negative beliefs that will sabotage your self-healing efforts.” Source LISSA RANKIN MD Dr. Rankin says the Placebo effect has been a “thorn in the side of the medical establishment for fifty years.” She is right and it’s not going away. Denial and fear are rampant. Instead of understanding the flow of life we resist the signs in front of us as a direct threat to a trillion dollar industry. . Nearly every drug trial includes the placebo and there is a reason. The pharmaceuticals exclude immediately those having a placebo effect from their trials. lol! Disconcerting ! Can’t understand them? Hide them I guess. But the evidence is mounting and it’s haunting. We can literally heal ourselves. But we’ve been conditioned all of our lives to think we can’t. Let’s be clear about a couple things about our rearing – it wasn’t malice that led us to these understandings of our limitations, we just didn’t understand it all. But there are breakthroughs every single day with our new connectedness via the internet. It’s time to start paying attention isn’t it? Have you ever heard of the fact that a baby at birth can swim, yet why a few years later can’t they. Well it’s pretty simple. They were taught that water is dangerous. Fear changes everything. Fear Kills. We didn’t do it on purpose, we just didn’t know. We were taught, among other things, limitations and it is this aspect we have crippled basic creativity. Growing up brought with us limitations when we were told to color inside the lines, you can’t do this or that. More importantly, you can’t believe this or that. This part might be the most damaging. Corform was the rule of the day and it makes some sense. But conform to a society standard set down by mostly marketing and excess. I think we can see through that and so do you. Ever wonder why children see spirits? They haven’t been tainted with a belief they can’t yet, but most will sadly. It is clear to me one thing about life – it’s not so much finding the truths as it is uncovering the untruths or limitations we were branded with. Children and animals can teach us volumes of the 90 % we are missing of the electromagnetic spectrum that much is clear. No nocebos for them. I am certainly not blaming generations of parents with the right intent but as time has changed so to must we. Imagine a world where are children were raised thinking “anything is possible”. Potential expands as would our collective consciousness. Its nearly impossible not to. What is even more disturbing is that the power of the mind may just be limitless. But you were told differently. Seeing is believing we often hear. But I suspect it’s more like, believing leads to seeing. During trials of Rogaine the people given a placebo, grew hair. Think of all the medications that worked right up to the point someone disproved it. Results of ineffectiveness sky rocket. Chemo worked for awhile until the point where people sat back and questioned it. Now more than ever people are choosing different methods to treat their cancer. There are endless examples of the Placebo effect and I share with you but just a few. In the 1950’s one of the original cases that helped spawned drug trials to include Placebo trials, Dr. West had a patient diagnosed with advanced stage Lymphosarcoma named Mr Wright. Mr. Wright had heard of a new miracle drug called Krebiozen and pestered Dr. West for the trial. Having been admitted into the hospital, Dr. West finally agreed to the treatment as tumors in Wright’s neck and armpits were the size of oranges and he was now bedridden with weakness. On a clear Friday afternoon, Dr. West administered the miracle drug and went home not sure if Wright would be there on Monday, but he had hope. Upon returning Monday, Dr. West found his patient up and walking. Upon further examination he found the tumors had literally shrunk to half their size in three days. After ten days they were completely gone. For the next two months Wright was living the highlif. Certain of the miracle cure until he came across an article that reported Krebiozen has some holes in it. The article questioned the validity of the drug. Wright sunk into depression and not surprisingly the cancer came back. This time Dr. West, having been so convinced at his theory, decided to be a little sneaky. He explained to his patient that the previous batch of the drug was tainted. He convinced Wright that this new batch was pure and definitive. Wright agreed and the one time treatment was administered. However the difference was Dr. West gave him a shot of pure distilled water. Once again within days the tumors disappeared and Wright was cured. For the next two months he lived happily and peacefully with no fear of his cancer until the American Medical Association wrote an article completely debunking the Krebiozen as worthless which of course Mr Wright found accordingly. Two days later Wright died. Stories of actual case files like these are numerous and plentiful. There are enough of these stories to fill hundreds of books. I am certain the pharmaceutical industry is helping publish all of them. NOT. The stories aren’t just about medication either. A case reported in Scientific America, as well as the New England Journal of Medicine, haunts us even further with the simplicity of it all as even surgical examples were being reported. In this one case example, a group of 180 patients all suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee were placed into three separate surgical treatment control groups. The first two groups were the two accepted standards for treatment of the knee issue. The first group was Surgical Debridement where cartilage would be cut away. The second group was Surgical lavage where they would open it up and flush out the bad cartlidge. The third group was the Sham Surgery Where they would make incisions and do nothing to the cartilage. Neither the patient nor the health care providers knew except the surgeons. For two years they followed the three groups measuring pain levels and activity levels. Amazingly the results were even on every group. Virtually and statistically Identical. This information was not only stunning but it somehow never really made it to most surgeons for obvious reasons. When you try to cite this research, most Doctors will laugh not knowing a thing about it. Alarming to say the least. The ramifications of the study are clear but the one issue that plagues the medical industry is obvious. There are countless examples of this type of placebo as well. Physical proof not just theoretical proof of our inherent power. But how do we convince a lifetime of dogma and clearly a well vested medical industry? Dr. Rankin does give the medical industry a back door of saving grace, and it is in this very doorway that I learned the power of what my sister Kate, and now Carol actually mean to my existence. Heavy burden I realize but it’s truth is in the synchronicity of this research and it’s important. One of the things that proved to be in conjunction with but even more powerful than the Placebo alone is the caregiver or nurturer. It is in this intent that the Placebo takes on the most ultimate power of all. According to Harvard researcher Ted Kapcheck, it isn’t just the mind creating the effect, it is in fact the nurturing care of the provider that flips the switch. The provider is the Placebo in his research. In his research the Doctor told the subjects that they were getting a placebo and to his surprise some still got better. What does this actually tell us? Is this about Love? Certainly true to in my case. How exactly does medical science explain my healing when I had a non functioning immune system? They dont. Kapcheck theorizes that the results were because the patients felt tended and nurtured. The truth meant nothing to their energy levels, the nurturing did. The patients stated they felt like someone cared. Although it is clear the body contains innate healing abilities, what triggers the switch is the nurturer. It’s scientifically sound data and it’s about to spin the medical industry on its ear if they can see through the forest. Doctors are needed after all, as are critical members of family, friends and loved ones. Consider this when you decide how you can help. But remember this – we biologically mirror energy so if you think you’re not being positive it may be best to stay away. I suspect an important lesson for those who were not part of my journey. I thank you for your intuition. It is important during illness that everyone surrounding you remain positive. We need forces of healing not fear when recovering. I think back on those who were absent during my struggle and forgive them for it. Clearly their energy wouldn’t have helped and might have done more harm than good. Nocebo is medical hexing and it should be respected once you understand its power. But dramatically what the research shows is that relationships matter. Statistically proven in fact. Rankin quotes research regarding those of us with strong social networking actually have half the rate of heart disease compared to those who are lonely. Married people live longer than single people. It’s a fact. Those who attend religious services live on an average 14 years longer. People who fail to utilize their vacation with family actually are a third more likely to get heart disease. Overwork is killing many in jobs going nowhere that some just hate. All these things are about attitude and attitude is everything. Happy people actually live 7-10 years longer than unhappy people statistically. Optimists are 77 % less likely to get heart disease than pessimists. The stats she quotes are clearly well researched, but it brings into the question once again of our minds and bodies ability. This is where the basic function of cells comes into play and it’s important. One author who continually and synchronistically crossed my path was Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD. Every time I turned around, I found Dr. Lipton until I finally paid attention to the signs and read his book “The Biology of Belief”. It can become ominous when you believe everything and everyone crosses your path for a purpose. There quite simply isn’t enough time in the day honestly. I have filtered this theory by understanding if it crosses your path more than once, it’s time to pay attention…Three times? Better do something with it. The rest is free will. Dr. Lipton’s research would forever resonate in the lessons I got from my NDE and I don’t just think it’s important, I think it’s critical. It should become mandatory reading for our younger generation. It’s no wonder that Placebo and Nocebo aren’t taught in most Biology classes in our school systems. Hell they aren’t even taught in most medical schools as I have discovered. They are less than 1/10 of 1% of the topic taught in medical school. Some would argue if it’s that high. One clear truth is that in general we are limited in our understanding of consciousness. Nikola Tesla once said “…the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.” Amazing insight by a man that Einstein once remarked on. When Einstein once was asked what it was like to the smartest man on the planet. He said “I don’t know, ask Nikola Tesla”. Ironic that something or someone branded Tesla a mad scientist when his beliefs of free energy for everyone became his passion. No money in that I guess. Not far and away from the genius insight of Tesla in my opinion, Dr. Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in Cellular Biology. He taught cellular biology at the University of Wisconsin and later pioneered studies at Stanford and Penn State. He is best known for his discovery of the cellular membrane and its impact. In his book, he further speaks about the two known existences and physiology of cells – one of fear and one of balance. It is irrefutable science but one most have never heard of, not to mention paid attention to. Quite simply, Lipton and others have proven that DNA, although encoded biologically, isn’t the cause and effect of the diseases in our times, but in fact the environment is. The environment being not just the things around us but actually the things inside of us. Our beliefs engage the DNA previously encoded. Let me explain because it’s heavy but remarkably simple. It may just remove a bit of that victim mentality that is so rampant in our world. This will require some scientific knowledge that’s indisputable but I will explain it in lay terms. The DNA is coded with disease from heredity, but it is actually our belief or in most case fear that triggers the gene to activate. Pure and simply our thoughts affects our basic cellular biology which infer our wellness. Not easy to stand up and show the world that the huge money spent on DNA research isn’t the answer. Too late for that. If this information was just present for everyone at an early age we might actually end a good majority of disease in a single generation. More importantly if people paid attention and became more flexible it would never be too late to stop defending any one thing. Money and grants make closed minded skeptics evidently. Imagine that. This maybe the most important point of all. PAY ATTENTION. Both Rankin, Lipton and hundreds of other doctors and scientists state clearly after thousands of hours of research that cells operate in two modes of operation. Never both and only one and it’s directly decided by the mind. One of growth (balance/peace) and one of protection (fight or flight). Every single cell operates in one of these methods. We know from basic biology that each cell makes up a whole. It is the basis for all survival of each cell of a multicellular organism (humans). Stress or hazards stop the growth and balance of the cell as it is perceived by the central nervous system, namely the mind. When we feel a threat, our basic cells activate into a flight or flight status and growth mechanism shuts off completely. Disease begins quickly in this mode and it is clear, and I am sure you have all heard this next one before – stress causes disease. But like me I suspect you didn’t realize how remarkable you really are. When our brains sense a certain fear, our cells stop nurturing and start protecting. Here is something else to consider about fear and stress and our flight or flight response. Not only does it stop growth process of each cell but it actually reroutes brain flow from the brain and other vital organs complicating the matter even further. Its rerouted to the extremities so we might run from the perceived danger just in case, whatever it may. By definition we actually get dumber. Disconcerting. Think the media or Government doesn’t know it. Think marketers haven’t figured this out? Ask yourself why we have been conditioned to drama? Ill let you decide. It is clear and we have all heard this before. Negativity weakens your immune system, pure and simple and definitive. One study showed that we have on average 50 stress responses a day in our brain. Pessimists have double that number at least. If we are lonely or depressed…double it. Activating the relaxation state of cells is the only way to activate a placebo or the caregiver’s intent to help you. We have heard this before but it becomes clearer when science proves it. It really is about love and compassion. My story not excluded. There are a number of ways to decrease our stress and they have been around for generations. Meditation is the quickest one to come to mind. But there are huge numbers of things that bring you joy and relaxation and nearly all of them work if you take the time. These are what I have called “now” moments. Moments in peace and harmony preferably somewhere beautiful. Nature is a big one for me. Either way they are moments you steal away if you have to, but they are obviously super important. Some read, some listen to music. I sometimes find peace and balance listening to Solfeggio Frequencies. They are peaceful recreations of vibrations through sound and they do work. Whatever you think will work, WILL. That much is clear but you have to find the time every day. Seems like someone telling us that the nurturing isn’t just for others. Its needed for ourselves. Whatever works, do more of that ! Lipton calls the placebo and nocebo effect the “perception effect”. What we perceive in our environment triggers the action down to our basic cell. Kind of heavy if you think about it. As I have pointed out countless times, thinking positive isn’t just a sports slogan, it’s nature’s law. If we all understood this basic scientific code, would we choose our mindset more carefully for ourselves? Here is the real question – would we choose to be more careful as to what our mind set means to others? Next time you tell someone that something is bad for them, think about the responsibility you have in perhaps biting your tongue. If you wanna kill yourself with negative attitudes I suspect that’s your free will, but you better be careful around others. Especially the ones that love and respect you the most. It seems clear the more you trust someone the larger the effect of our words. But there’s more. Thoughts activate similar energy patterns via emotion as words if not greater. Not unlike an aura, the basic energy we seep out into the world is driven by our very thoughts. Thoughts are the truest form of personal creation and because creation is our inherent birthright, they contain energy. Point in fact, everything is energy and this too is an absolute in science. Everything hums a resonance. Every piece of matter. Even the air you breathe has energy. The slower the vibration, the denser an object. Even a rock has energy. Water has tons of it. Science does not theorize this basic fact its definitive. The question still remains however….where does it come from. Again I quote Tesla….”if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. Tesla was born in 1890 and died in 1943. We have had the basics of this information for more than 100 years and have done nothing with teaching it. Our very consciousness and thoughts create the perceptual reality for all of us every day, every second. What we perceive just is. If you wanna understand the raw power of the mind, you don’t have to look any further than the smallest muscle group in our body examined in a study done just a short time ago. This will really upset the bodybuilders who agonize at the gym and weight rooms today, but I think it’s quite funny actually. The study group broke a large group of similar individuals into three control groups. The intention was to focus on the finger strength of just one finger for an extended period of time. The first group was given a series of weight exercises repeated everyday to strengthen the muscle just like a weight lifter. The second group was taught the same exercises but monitored and instructed not to actually do them, but to visualize the exercises instead. The third group was told to do nothing and were monitored as well. Amazingly the first two groups both showed the same advancement in both size and strength of this smallest muscle group and the results were stunning. The most remarkable was the third group who did nothing actually showed a 33% increase in the same. Both group two and three literally “never lifted a finger” but there were the results. Indisputable. We are really more remarkable than we realize. I tell the story often and was reminded by my sister that the story explains volumes about the strength of her one finger…the middle finger !!! As it’s either in use driving or at least thought about often enough. But theres more about this conscious energy and its actual cause and effect. In the 1950’s, scientists experimented with energy of thought and emotion. In one room they placed a subject in front of a visual and auditory stimuli that would present various scenes and sounds to trigger an emotional response and thought. In an adjacent room white blood cells from that same subject were placed and attached to sensitive electrical measuring devices. As different scenes appeared for the test subjects, they measured the electrical response in the next room of the cells. What was incredible was that at the exact same time the scene triggered an emotional response. The cells in the other room registered an electrical response. The results were stunning. But to make the results even more mind blowing, the researchers decided to increase the distance to measure the speed of that response. The experiment stopped after the cells were moved to fifty miles away and still registered the same electrical responses instantaneously. There was no lag or delay in any of the testing It was instantaneous and mind blowing. What exactly causes this energy to instantly affect cells fifty miles away? Consciousness and the energy in our environment, most of which is created by us. You make be wondering which emotion was more powerfully charged. I suspect I don’t have to tell you. Here is another example of how our energy and thoughts travel. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, has given the world a good deal of evidence of the magic of positive thinking. You may have heard of Dr. Emoto. He became famous when his water molecule experiments were featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know? His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, in this case the molecular structure of water among other things. Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water, his discovery has far reaching implications. Can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions? source- See more at: http://WWW.positive-thinking-principles.com The water experiment Through the 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures. The results were nothing short of remarkable..As you can tell, the water stamped with positive words is far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than that stamped with dark, negative phrases. You may already know that positive and negative thinking have a major impact on the surrounding environment. That concept is relatively easy to grasp, but this extremely tangible evidence of it is astounding. If the words and thoughts that come out of us have this effect on water crystals, it’s amazing to think of what kind of ef ect they have on the people and events that come into our lives. The human body being mostly water is a near awe inspiring consideration. But what about just plain old everyday items and matter. How is that affected? source http://www.highexistence.com The rice experiment is another famous Emoto demonstration of the power of negative thinking (and conversely, the power of positive thinking.) In this experiment, Dr. Emoto placed portions of cooked rice into two containers. On one container he wrote “thank you” and on the other “you fool”. He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by. After 30 days, the rice in the container with positive thoughts had barely changed, while the other was moldy and rotten. – See more at: http://www.positive-thinking-principles.com Dr. Emoto has done several experiments with how emotions affect the environment and I think it’s important to discuss. But I assure you a picture is worth a Million words in this case. just look at how a different language or words affected both rice and water. It will change the way you look at the world. Imagine that. We are interconnected. I urge you to do your own research, but I assure you one thing – our thoughts affect the environment. Not just ours but others as well. Still need more information? Try looking up what tears look like under a microscope. Tears of joy and tears of pain are remarkably different. Think it’s ironic? I don’t But the results are stunning. Shaking us to the very core of one thing. Responsibility.. The countless examples of mind over matter have been present for decades if not centuries, Why then don’t we pay attention to it? This may be the painful part. It takes some responsibility that most of us might find distasteful. There is a good percentage that just didn’t know it, but for the rest it may be just easier being a victim than being responsible for our own health and I think that’s a shame. God forbid responsibility for the health of others around us. I don’t mean to be rude here, but you know exactly what I am saying. We have constructed and developed in a competitive materialistic world where more is better. Humanity somehow has created an ego-driven world that refuses to take the responsibility. Blame is rampant and it’s unforgiving. Easier to blame something or someone than ourselves. Perhaps our ego just can’t take it. But I know one thing – it needs to stop. I get that some people want the motion that comes with pity. God knows I needed it but we clearly see recovery of our mindset is everything. I believe just knowing this has got to make a difference. Doesnt it? The next time you decide in our wonderful interconnectedness of social media to warn the world about your beliefs that something’s bad for you, think again. I realize you mean well, but understanding your magnificence comes with responsibility. Keep it to yourself please. Your nocebo could snap a switch in someone’s DNA whom you actually care about. How about that responsibility? No wonder it might be easier to argue this truth It’s just easier for some I suspect but wrong nonetheless. Being defensive about this will only be denial. The science is sound, I assure you. Don’t be afraid of it, just make a change to it. It takes effort and practise not unlike riding a bike really. We are ingrained deeply with the wrong tools its gonna take some effort to dig out of it. Imagine tomorrow that your bike now worked by pedaling backwards. It would be awkward at first but with practise you would get it. If someone helped you and nurtured you. It becomes easier. Everything does. One clear aspect of cells that we need to understand is the important conclusion by Lipton and others that have changed our understanding of the cells and its function. The cell nucleus is not the brain of the cell. Lipton was the first to discover it was actually the membrane. If you destroy the cell membrane the cell dies. If you destroy the cell nucleus it can still live. The cell membrane has the job of interacting with the environment. It is aware of the environment and it sets in motion appropriate responses to environmental signals. In our body this function is handled by the brain and nervous system. Our very perception. This is the most important discovery you have never heard of. The question is why? Cells mirror as do the organisms that are comprised of them. They replicate as a biological consequence. We have all heard the phrase “we become what we surround ourselves with” . Some other variations are we become like the five closest people in our lives. We literally mirror what we are surrounded by. But some didn’t realize that our basic cells do the exact same thing. Cells control it all or should I say our perception of the environment. Its just Biological . It’s the same reason that women who live together, menstruate together. You yawn, I yawn. It’s an inherent biological survival tool and it is absolute. It is an evolutionary conclusion dating back to the beginning of mankind. Ever wonder why a yawn is actually contagious? Are you understanding where I am going here yet? I realize this information requires us to realize how very responsible we actually are for not only our own health, but the health of others. Perhaps it’s just too much to bear for some and the resistance to this information for some will be diverted quickly. The path of least resistance is easily fueled by guilt. We shouldn’t feel guilty for yesterday’s lack of understanding, but to remain in the dark knowingly, well that’s just culpability. Dr. Wayne Dyer cracks me up every time with his words, “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about.” He is right. Ego plays a role in our culpability, I suspect, but I urge you to understand this simple aspect of life – to evolve one must grasp the idea that we might have always been wrong or just didn’t know. It’s ok to be wrong I assure you. It’s evolution to learn something new. Mirroring is not a theory folks, it’s science. If you didn’t know it before, it’s not your fault. But what about now? Think you might be able to find something positive to say? I hope so. One thing is clear – there are financial industries that don’t want you to understand how magnificent you really are. There is just no money it it. I get it, but it doesn’t make it right. I am not exactly a conspiracy theorist by any means, but there seems to be a premeditated plan to keep people in the dark to their absolute magnificence. I don’t understand that. Well I do i guess. but i dont wanna. Businesses that profit from you ignorance reap many benefits. Buy this….it will fix ya right up. There is simply no money in it for them when you come into the light. It scares them. Its the grog in the Jar theory. Put a frog in a jar with a lid on it and condition him to jump. Eventually you remove the lid and the frog will never know how to jump out of the jar regardless of the lid being gone. Anytime you find someone who empowers you on how remarkable you are, don’t you just resonate with that person? Don’t they inspire you and make you feel wonderful? It’s not flattery alone, it’s your intuition telling you that the mushroom plan, whether planned or self-chosen, isn’t working anymore. Ya gotta pay attention to your intuition. Let me tickle it a bit more Ever wonder at what point the Government decided to put fluoride in our drinking water? More importantly why? I’ll let you do that research, but I assure you the pineal gland, also known as the seat of consciousness, isn’t very happy about it. Why did our government really care enough about our healthy white teeth anyway? Take the time to find out about the pineal gland. It may be important to understand its effect on us all. I suspect somewhere in my NDE the vibration I felt shook the gland and uncalcified it. There are ways you can do it as well without having to experience an NDE. During recent study of the pineal at an autopsy, doctors found the gland was totally stuffed full of fluoride to the degree that they wondered if it actually worked at all. The pineal is located in the brain. Do we really need a part of our brain polluted? Any part? The seat of consciousness? I wouldn’t think so. Yogis and spiritual leaders for generations understood the real purpose of the pineal gland. You should too. I won’t push the issue…as always I let you decide. But please, do educate yourself on it. It’s important. There are many effects of fluoride we should know about. I hate fear mongering but I think this is that important. It wont kill you to have a calcified pineal gland. But it may keep you in the dark. The placebo effect is in place for nearly every drug trial in this country. Want to know why? Because it allows the drug manufacturer to remove the affected person experiencing the effect from the trial. Can’t beat them….exclude them. To my knowledge there is no actively funded by Government research into the Nocebo or Placebo effect, but it is not going away and I suspect like me you see it. Why hasn’t consciousness study been funded by government. Ill let you decide. How have we been conditioned to believe that we aren’t as powerful as we are? The medical industry including pharmaceuticals is a trillion dollar industry. What exactly happens to that revenue if we came into the light of just how magnificent we really are? I don’t believe the conspiracy theory was originally intentional. I like to believe in all that’s good. But I believe it is now. This industry is quite simply TOO BIG TO FAIL. We have heard that one before haven’t we? But consider the impact of this idea. The medical industry not only employs a huge percentage of our society but the tax money alone, not to mention the politics of the health care for all train is enormous. Obama Care caused enough disention. Too late now to change our focus? Maybe. The results of the collapse of this industry could quite literally cripple our economy and they know it. I think you do too. But like all things in evolution. We find a way. We should have more faith in ourselves than that. Clearly the nurturer still has opportunities. We still need Doctors and Nurses. Even I do. Sometimes I am simply not strong enough to fight off the pain or the 40 plus years of conditioning. It will take time. But my story and millions others should be a hint that we should start paying attention. Our planet is evolving. Understanding our consciousness isn’t.. It is exactly what the NDERS are screaming about for us to pay attention. Are we are truly vested now in health care to much, I hope not and again it is the intent of this book. The box of medical dogma that’s been painted around us is clear and definitive. But I assure you, the box doesn’t exist to those who have spiritually awakened. I think it’s about time for all of us to do the same. I think you do too. Science is proving that the caregiver is just as important as the Placebo. With my doctors and caring nurses, the evidence in my case is clear. They never gave up on me. The example of the love of my sister Kate is entirely another matter. The selfless positivity and support during my time were obviously life saving. My brother priceless. None of them failed me once and the evidence is clear. I was literally saved by Love. Now I forge ahead with barely an immune system with the love of Carol and her family. My immune system just won’t recover from the depth of the end stage. It isn’t the AIDS that kills people, it;s the opportunistic infections we catch without an immune system. The flu, pneumonia or something simple and easy to cure is usually the culprit. But here I am as living testament that love does and can cure all. I have had the flu and a variety of other ailments without an immune system, but I beat them all one at a time, day by day. They still continue today. Many people comment on how positive I am all the time. Do you understand the message now? I think you do. Let me be clear on one thing – you don’t need to experience an NDE to do any of it. It certainly helped but it isn’t the only way and I know you know that. Being positive is a choice. It’s that simple. We can stand and ponder about all the things that trouble us in this world or you can just find something to be grateful for. Make a list if you have to, but find the gift. Understand that controlling your life is an illusion, but what we can control is our perception of it. Our perception defines our reality and it’s really just that simple. There is always something to be grateful for. Always. Ignore what negatives come spilling forth from people you see every day but love them all anyway. They quite honestly need it more than most. Find the peace and love for yourself and know your magnificence. Like your life depends on it. As you see….IT DOES. Understand and respect how fear creates the flight or fight response and find ways to face these fears down. There really isn’t anything to fear but fear itself, a wise man once said. How true, how true, as you can see. For those of us feeling guilty right now. STOP….its not your fault your grandparents died of cancer. We all die. But its clear not only can we harm we can help. Finding positive is not a slogan its a necessity. We can all do better. me included. This world and the environment are changing and with it comes hazards. These hazards will increase and so to will our consciousness whether we want it to or not. I just wanna help the speed of it. I wanna save as many as I can before I stand in front of that light again. I think it might just be important. Clearly what we see in the afterlife might just be a purer and lighter state of perception we bring with us. What we feel we deserve is exactly what you get. The quality of it all might just be what we’ve done for others. Might? I’m actually certain of it. One doctor, Dr. Meador, remembers all too well the implications from fear and its haunting responsibility in our lives. In 1974, Meador had a patient, Sam Longe, who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, which in those days was 100 % terminal. Although he was treated, everyone knew the cancer would eventually win the war. No surprise that a few weeks after his diagnosis, Sam died. The real shock wasn’t the death but in the following autopsy. The autopsy showed very little cancer in Sam’s body in fact. Certainly not enough to kill him by any uncertain terms. Meador later told the Discovery Channel that Sam died with cancer but not from cancer. Meador is haunted to this day in what he wonders was “lost hope”. Everyone knew he had cancer including Sam, but did Sam actually get scared to death? Our perceptions truly are our realities clearly. One thing for me that is confusing is that I have been told twice that I was terminal, but I must point out that it was never spoken of out loud again. The one thing that differs for my experience is that after my NDE, I no longer had a fear of death. This one facet of the NDE is exactly the same in nearly all of the experiences with NDE’rs and we all think it’s important to note for obvious reasons. The things we experienced in that afterlife realm were beautiful and peaceful and full of love. The senses we experienced were realer than this human experience and it left us all with great difficulty explaining. Most of us look forward to “going home”, but remarkably the suicide rate for NDE’rs is nearly obsolete. We all seem to come back with a purpose or calling. You’re reading a part of mine. I was told there was “something important I am supposed to do”. I do it every single day by staying positive and reflecting that light onto others. I stand in the bright light of humility and share my story regardless of the haters and skeptics. I realize I am responsible for what I say, but not for what others understand of it. The synchronicity of NDE’rs understanding of judging others is clearly one lesson we all are gifted in our experience. In this understanding I see the contrast of my previous views on the very disease that rages inside me. The “gay disease” just wasn’t my issue and I sadly buried my head in the sand until it was nearly too late. I was afraid of the disease and ignored the consequences. I ignored the testing because of the stigma associated and I am ashamed of every bit of it. Obviously if I caught it earlier, I could have had a different life. HIV is a treatable condition today with proper treatment today. One thing remains certain for me in my experience. I had an experience that was exactly the time and manner and level in which I needed to evolve to the very person I am today. I suspect each NDE is in direct proportion to what we need to evolve whether we like it or not. Maybe I cheated the system because it seemed it all changed for me. What I stood for. How I see the World. How I love and am loved. But it’s obvious it wasn’t overnight. I earned my stripes, so to speak, with several years of lonely suffering and pain so great I wondered everyday if I could continue. But the love of my sister Kate got me through each day as did the after effects of the NDE. I am grateful for each day I awake and it’s the only prayer I do today. I thank God for just one more day and that’s exactly the way I take it. One day at a time. It was no coincidence that Carol came into my life at that time either. Her hope and positive belief continues to boost my spiritual immune system strong, bound with love of our souls. Time is precious and that’s the thing about life. We all think we have time. But in a blink of an eye it can all change. My question to you is what will you do with your time? it remains painfully clear that the environment plays a substantial role in our ability to harm or heal not only ourselves but others. Or should I say the perception of it. I think its time the world embrace the simple fact that we are more magnificent than we thought. The limitations you were taught only exist in your mind. Crossing the threshold of possibility and you will find probability, I am certain of it. The cosmic humor of it all is the skepticism shielding you from you inherit abilities. No one wants to be called “weird” or strange for our beliefs but in all sincerity it may just be the key. It was a constant consideration for me in telling my story. I haven’t completely evolved on it either. Im human just like you. Someone will attack me for this book I am sure. I need to be OK with that but I get that its hard. Self love is a slippery slope when we care too much about what others think. It still hurts us. Recovery is the key. I can only hope that my intent is considered throughout by open minded people. I just want to make a difference with my time. But like this chapter shows us our perception is the only control we have in this world. Rest assure no matter what you believe or do in this world. Some just won’t approve. Get over it quickly and make a choice for yourself I learned. It just that simple. Like your life depended on it. IT DOES.”

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